• Lilla Schottner

Harmful Chemicals in Skin/Hair/Nail Products

Updated: Feb 11

Unfortunatly harmful chemicals are very effectively absorbed via our skin. These chemicals are entering multiple tissues within our body and cause all kinds of illnesses. I made this easy to use chart for my clients. On the left column you find the harmful chemicals, in the row with an X, the products that contains them.

These ingredients may cause:

Aluminum Salts: Alzheimer’s Disease, Autisim, Breast Cancer

Formaldehyde: Cancer

Fragrences: Hormone Disrupters, Allergens

Hydroquinone: Cancer cell growth

Oxybenzone: Interfere with the Body Endocrine System

Parabens(methyl and propyl): as preservative in cosmetics, Breast Cancer by mimicking estrogen

Phthalates: interfere with the Body Endocrine System

Triclosan: Cancer cell growth, Endocrine Disruption,

Endocrine disruptors interfere with the production of testosterone in males which results in higher concentration of estrogen and lower concentration of testosterone in their bodies. Man develops lows perm counts and women breast cancer. (Human health and Toxicology)

Say no to chemicals/poisonous products, I choose natural organic ones instead. I Believe in:  I say NO to: Organic                 Parabens             Natural                  Phthalates Biodynamic®         Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Sustainable            Propylene Glycol Cruelty Free           Animal Testing

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