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Wildlife Friendly Gardens in Urban Environments.

Updated: Feb 8

A few simple things can easily be done to create a wildlife-friendly urban garden that will attract more birds and insects.

First, provide wildlife shelter, food, water, and nesting sites.

Try to use all the available space you have in your garden.

Make a wildflower "meadow" with a small pond where you grow insect-friendly plants.

Use wildlife-friendly pest control and compost for fertilizing your soil.

Creating an insect hotel and experimenting with vertical gardens will attract more insects.

Try to use native plants.

Fig. 1. Sunflowers are attractive to a wide range of pollinators. The blooms are a rich nectar source for dozens of butterfly species

Fig. 2. Sunflowers are food for birds.

Fig. 3. Coneflower attracts a variety of butterfly species, including monarchs.

Fig. 4. Nesting house.

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