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Lilla Schottner: My Love Of Nature

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Lilla Schottner was born and raised in a small village among beautiful forests north of Budapest, Hungary; her love of nature undoubtedly comes from making hikes with her father in the nearby mountains. 


As a young girl, she grew up on a small farm, learning from her parents and grandparents, cultivating various fruits, vegetables, composting, and looking after her family's ducks, chickens, and rabbits. Her favorite task was to take her ducklings to the nearby stream for a refreshing bath


Lilla is passionate about protecting the environment. She holds a Master's Certificate in Urban Agriculture and a B.A. in Urban Sustainability from the University of the District of Columbia, Washington, D.C. She is a sustainability consultant and gives lessons on urban agriculture, composting, hydroponics, and zero waste lifestyle. 


"We must be more conscious of our environment, about the mass of pollution and garbage we produce daily, and that we must do more to preserve our beautiful planet for future generations. I introduced this website to help you live a more sustainable, planet-friendly lifestyle. We must protect our nature and conserve biodiversity."




I believe in Organic, Natural, Sustainable, and Cruelty-Free.

I say NO to: Harmful Chemicals, Animal Testing, and the Destruction of our Environment.

Visit me @ Sustainable Cascais 

This Facebook group focuses on sharing and debating about sustainable practices and lifestyles to benefit people and the planet. We focus on the Cascais/ Portugal region, but these practices are universal and can be modified and used in any—part of the world. 

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